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Let’s take a walk into the woods, so dark and still.
Walk with me, if you will!

As the moon’s golden glow is caught on the leaves and grass,
Catching moths is how our hours will pass!

With wings emourmous, in shades of gold,
They never grow tired and the never grow old.

They play by the light of the glowing moon,
When sunrise comes, it’s much too soon!

⭐️This opens Sunday, May 23rd, at 8pm CST!⭐️

This series focuses on all of the beauty of the woods at night!

These ideas are all our original designs. Everything in this album is handcrafted by us, made from wood! Each piece is designed and created by Tony, then painted by me! Each item is one of a kind, unless otherwise noted.

As with all handmade items, we trust parents to use their best judgement when he giving our art to children. ????

To claim an item, be the 1st to comment “sold” under the photo you wish to claim! Non-payment after 72 hours will be considered a pass to the next in line. ???????? S A L E opens Sunday May 23rd @8pm CST!

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Individually Carved
Hand Painted
Made with love

Insanely Awesome Products

Our products have the highest quality materials. Each design is hand painted by Emily and loving sent to you for years of enjoyment.

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